Café Restaurant

The café restaurant is not just for guests, but is open to the general public. We offer originally blended coffee, famed egg sandwich, a daily plate and curry & rice throughout the day, and in the evening Shogun tebasaki chicken wings jointly developed with Shogun Ieyasu.

Open Hours 11:30am - 11pm
Take away coffee 8:00am - 22:30pm
Lunch 11:30am - 3pm
Happy Hour 3pm - 6:00pm
Dinner 6:00pm - 11pm
Closed Monday

※ Wi-Fi, outlet equipped

Egg sandwich

Since 1932, Nishiasahi's Egg Sandwich has been a much-loved Nagoyan delicacy. Once tried, youユll never forget the taste or volume. Nagoyaユs famed Egg Sandwich has been revived at the New Nishiasahi.

Nishiasahi Blend Coffee

In 1931, long before Nishiasahi became a guest house, coffee was a new and high-class refreshment. The taste and feeling of that bygone era has been recreated with our Original Blend Coffee.